PR Wizard

What can a press release do for you?

A press release holds significant importance due to several reasons:



Step 1. Writing a Press Release

Let's get started with our 7 steps to an effective press release that you will find HERE.

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Step 2. Writing a subject title of your email

Second step in carrying out a PR campaign writing the subject of the email requires an understanding of what makes the news ,or if you prefer intrinsic attributes of the news.

The two values that make a good story:


You must keep the subject of our email as brief as possible, but you also must avoid at all costs formulas that are too advertising.

Avoid this: 

Our new collection is coming to town, It's spring all yearround at our store!

You have to know how to go to the heart of the news ,go to the essentials. In otherwords, make the most impactful argument that your message is perfect for the current news context.

Step 3. Writing the message in the body of the email

If the subject title of your email states the heart of the news, the text of your email should be a summary of the news with an emphasis on the highlights.

Here again you should keep it short and to the point. The reader should be able to grasp the value of the story with the first 2 sentences of your message.

Essentials to include in your text.


End your message with an invitation to start a dialogue.

Step 4. Get your targeted media list

To start, you have to ask yourself: who is our interlocutor? Who is interested in my news? You got it. It's about targeting.

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